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Humans [Aug. 13th, 2008|11:30 pm]
I get frustrated with humans pretty quickly now.

Its all connected somehow. Annoying dumbshit motherfuckers on video game boards rambling on about shit that just shows they don't know gameplay from their asshole from a hole in the ground is the same as stupid shitbags talking about how Barack Obama won't say the pledge of alliegance, or whatever retarded fucking talking point has been inserted into their brain this week by Rush Limbaugh.

I mean, the obvious common point among it all is that it all pisses me off, but believe it or not I am not pissed off by default. I am pissed off because so many of the basic assumptions that humans live by are obviously bullshit.

What this post needs is a bulleted list:

- The idea of cursing (fuckshitpissetc)
- Faction support overriding reality
- Appearance being more valued than substance
- Having to guess the right syntax on your resume/cover letter to get in the door
- Having to play dress up at work
- Religion
- Lawn mowing
- Lawns in general
- Nancy Pelosi taking impeachment "off the table"
- Coastal drilling
- Free speech areas
- Pundits

And when you write it all down, it becomes obvious: the connection is found in this meme of superficial fixation. Inability to see beyond the surface of things to grok their deep meaning and underlying truth.

It has branches:
- lack of trust, which is inherent in a system that has become as corrupted as ours has by superficial fixation.
- partisanship/factionalism/tribalism, because when you can't trust appearances you have to go with what you feel comfortable with
- roadblocks to change, the more the system becomes corrupted by superficial fixation and its tendrils, the more resistant the superficial fixation becomes to being rooted out.
- Willful ignorance, once people start believing in lies over truth, where do you draw the line and stop, and who has the moral authority to tell you to stop when everyone is doing it. As a result, people turn to religion and away from science

Well, isn't that refreshing. Now we have at least a rough sketch outline of what it is we're fighting. It's a hydra meme, thats for sure.

The question now is solutions. Is there enough of the original host body left over to salvage, can we save the system with innoculation on the back end and aggressive antibiotics on the front end? Or is the system already dead, do we have to wait for the corpse to burn and eat itself up, then go through all the dark age bullshit of letting all kinds of seeds sprout out of the rotting slurry of the corpse and see which ones have the strength, vitality, and/or cunning to survive and thrive in the new environment?

Can humans, as a race, survive the end of the current system, or will the nuclear, biological, and chemical problems we've created grow out of control once no one is able/willing to tend them and cut us down?

I believe this problem is an emergent one from a vector-cross of human baseline genetic programming and current 21st century technological culture. I am not saying science and technology are the "bad guys." I'm saying we're seeing the result of previously unidentified coupled variables engaged in dangerous feedback loops that are disrupting any attempts the system makes to find equilibrium.

And thats what we need. Not a revolution. We need Equilibrium.

(and no I don't mean Christian Bale should just run around shooting everyone, as fun as that might be to watch)
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Yet another blog [Mar. 14th, 2007|02:45 am]
I've created a blog to talk about Radical Functionalism, my philosophy of life and everything.

If you're interested, click on through.


I think many people, once they begin to understand what radical functionalism is all about, will find that they are already practicing most of its tenets in their daily lives.
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What a semester [Dec. 12th, 2006|09:17 am]
So, this semester has been quite a ride. I took four EADP (emergency administration and disaster planning) classes, and all four of them ended up being really good. I have five really good teachers (one class has two) and actually learned a lot. I'm well on track for A's and B's again this semester, so school is going great.

Those of you who remember this time last year might recall that it was around this time that i mentioned having some problems with that woman in my life who I've mentioned from time to time. Well, we got through those problems and the last year has been, without reservation, the happiest of my life as our relationship has only grown stronger, despite the mysterious forces that her mother threatened to unleash on me. Guess Mom's mojo just ain't what it used to be. Hopefully some day she'll accept the fact that her daughter and I are together, and we can actually get along. Until then, I guess I get to experience the cliche classic "mother-in-law" type relation.

I'm thinking about doing some writing during the winter break. If I pull it off, I'll post some exercpts here and on Dealing in Lead, my "blog" blog.

A lot of my time has been taken up exploring various MMOs. I'm a sucker for seeing new and epic things that you can only see in these games, and the character progression and teamwork is very compelling to me. Currently, I'm playing World of Warcraft on the Windrunner server, as a loyal member of the Horde. Good times. :)

For my various RL friends who check this now and then, sorry I don't call, write, etc. I'm a hermit by nature, and its not a reflection on you so much as it is my distorted time sense that says, "Oh yeah, didn't I just hang out with ______ last week?"

Plus, Dave got me addicted to WoW, so blame him. :)

Its nice to see that the Republicans went down in flames. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of scum-sucking shit-tards. I also see that, true to form, Louisiana and Texas both maintain their stubborn momentum in the great southern race to the bottom, re-electing Mayor Ray Nagin and Congressman William Jefferson in the first case, and re-electing republicans with 2/3 majority of the 30% turnout in the second. Way to stay stupid, south! I guess the south won't be happy until it gets to return to the glory days of the confederacy, a simulation of which is currently being run in the area known as "Somalia." Good call on that, South. Who needs things like science, knowledge, and critial thinking when there are important things out there like hating gay people and stopping the murder of embryonic americans for that evil stem cell research.

I still think we'll see the first double impeachment of a President and Vice President, barring resignations, assassinations, or other low probability events. I think people are finally waking up to the fact that this president will not change regardless of any "facts" or "good ideas" or "anything" that gets presented to him. The only way we're going to get a change in Iraq policy is to put someone else in the White House. Lucky us, it looks like that replacement could end up being Nancy Pelosi.

Our first female president by fiat. Yep, that sounds like American history to me.

So, I hope you enjoyed my bi-annual post. See ya whenever the mood to write strikes me again.
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Its been a while [Aug. 3rd, 2006|02:37 am]
I know. No idea when I'll get back to regularly updating. For now, just to let you know, Dealing in Lead has been updated. Also, just wrote this letter to the editor.

(I live in Texas, for those of you who don't know that)

While you go to work to earn enough gas money to get to work and worry about which credit card you're going to put groceries on, the wealthy elite use their power and influence to convince you that an estate tax that applies only to them is a threat to you, and that taking a share of their wealth is an injustice that is morally equivalent to theft.
Ignore the fact that a majority of these people sacrifice children in order to fund their luxury spending. Witness the destruction of state health programs for children, or the complete lack of an effective school funding program from our Republican congress in Austin.
Children who group up tired, sick, hungry, and ignorant can only qualify for menial work, and many of them will choose crime over digging ditches. You can pay a smaller amount now, in taxes, and help ensure that children grow up healthy, educated, and ready to enter a high tech workforce or you can let your greed rule you and pay for their food, housing, and medical care when they enter prison as young adults.
You are going to pay either way. Would you rather buy cellblocks or textbooks?
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Dealing in Lead updated [Apr. 14th, 2006|04:10 am]
Sorry I haven't been keeping up lately. Busy busy busy. Updated Dealing in Lead, check it out:

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OMFG Dude where have you been!? [Apr. 3rd, 2006|09:30 am]
No, they didn't cart me off to gitmo.

After things with my girlfriend got a lot better, I've been spending a lot of time with her (:)), and what little time for writing I've had has been mostly devoted to Dealing in Lead. All the rest of my time has been devoted to school or relaxing with a little D&D online.

I've still been keeping tabs on the news, and I have to tell you folks, we are living in interesting times. The institutionalized corruption in the US, where we call our bribes "campaign contributions" or "lobbying," using the classic Americanism that if you rename a bad thing to something not so bad, it ceases to be bad (a rose by any other name is NOT a rose according to American politics), has finally started bearing real fruit: a majority of our political leadership in the party in power is so corrupt they will probably have to invent a new word for it (I'm pulling for "Bushistic" as the new adjective :)).

How was that for a long sentence?

Anyways, we have some very, very serious problems all coming together at once. We have voting machines designed specifically to make it quick, easy, and untracable to steal elections. We have a corporate owned media that simply will not report straight news, always subverting the public interest to the short term interests of giant international buisinesses and people so rich they haven't even seen cash in four generations. We have a public that is either apathetic or religiously fanatic to a 2000 year old fairy tale invented by lonely old men in the desert to secure their access to food, water, and women in a harsh climate. We have a military being trained to fight and oppress the people it is supposed to protect by fighting and opressing brown people on the other side of the planet. Our President is a frat boy who used to snort coke, a dry drunk, an idiot, and he has the vocabulary of a retarded New York Taxi driver. Our Vice President is basically Darth Vader with more medical problems. The rest of our executive branch is made up of insane neoconservatives and people appointed, in classic budding dictatorship style, solely based on their personal loyalty to the leadership, with no regard for their qualification. Not to mention the executive branch has informed us that it only needs to follow the parts of the constitution it likes, and none of the laws at all. To make that even more entertaining, our legislative branch has decided to throw its oversight duties completely out the window, instead simply trying curry as much favor as possible with the wealthy super-elite before the collapse as they can so that when things go bad, their monied benefactors might take them along to the survival compound.

Look folks, this is just some shit off the top of my head. This isn't even scratching the surface of whats wrong.

Now, ask yourself a question: can a system this sick survive in its current form? How long can a person live with cancer eating their internal organs? Sure, you can make it for a while, but eventually you will die and your body will become raw material for a new stage of life: microorganisms, flies, and the like. Or maybe food for scavengers.

Now, all hope is not lost. This cancer is not inoperable. We can still draw a line, make a stand, and maybe even save our civilization. But it starts right now. Right now, in your hearts and minds, you have to decide if you are going to try and preserve your way of life, or if you're going to simply try and "ride it out." For those of you who choose the latter, good luck. You're going to need it. And when the scavengers come to chew on you, remember the day you decided to walk that road.

For the rest of you, start thinking right now what you're going to do when the time comes to throw off your chains and declare your freedom loudly to the world.

Be prepared. Free America is coming.
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Dealing in Lead updated [Mar. 26th, 2006|05:55 pm]
(this update posted to Dealing in Lead)

Dear Future,

I've been thinking about this a lot lately, and I decided I have to write this. I owe it to you. I owe you a big apology.

To my grandchildren, yes, you were cute and showed so much promise. I'm sorry I didn't protect you from the people who pumped all that poison into the air. I'm sorry you had to suffer so much before you died, unable to breathe because of the asthma. I wish I could say, "Had I only known, I would have stopped them," but I promised myself I would tell the truth in this letter. So here it is: I did know. We all knew. I was just too afraid to do anything. Too afraid to even say anything, lest my friends think I was some kind of radical freak.

You can understand why being thought well of by my peers was so important, can't you?

To my great-grandchildren, what few of you didn't end up dead of obesity before fifty because of all the horrible food we pumped into you since you were too young to talk, I'm sorry. Honestly, I have trouble really caring too much about you. Its not like I'll ever meet you, and even when I do you'll just be a baby, so you honestly don't matter that much to me. Thats why I supported all those tax cuts. Sure, I knew the money was actually a loan, and I know loans come due, but I really wanted to feel like I would be able to keep as much money as possible once I reached the upper income brackets. Sure, I never did, but what if I had? I hope you can accept that I had more empathy for the living rich people I wanted to be than I had for the unborn poor people I was handing the world over to.

And to the generation who will have to fight and die and spill an ocean of blood to win back their rights goes my biggest apology of all. I'm sorry I didn't make the small sacrifices now to stop the beast when it was young and weak. I'm sorry I didn't rise up, rally my fellows, and take back control of my government. I know that it was my duty as a citizen to oversee the government, but I just couldn't be bothered to change things. I didn't think they'd really pass the neosedition laws. I didn't think they'd really use their new powers against their political enemies. I didn't think letting them interpret the constitution to mean they didn't have to follow it was a very big deal. I didn't think they'd come for me.

Sometimes I made mistakes. Sometimes I simply chose the easy road. In the end, I traded your future for my present, your blood, sweat, and tears for my greed.

I don't expect you to forgive me. I don't deserve forgiveness.

All I hope is that you can learn from my mistakes. When the time comes that tyrants raise their head in your era, do not give them a single inch to hang you with. When the beast rears its head, chop it off without a moment of hesitation. When you are faced with a choice between an illusion of security and the hard road of liberty, don't choose the way I did.

Don't make my mistakes. I failed. And I'm sorry.

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Something to read [Mar. 13th, 2006|03:04 pm]
Take this quiz.

Find out if you really think a fertilized egg is an unborn baby.
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Do Americans Want to be Free? [Mar. 8th, 2006|04:52 pm]
Dealing in Lead has been updated, check it out here.

This is indeed a disturbing universe.
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Oh what the fuck... [Mar. 4th, 2006|04:06 pm]
Don't pay your debts. You'll have to be investigated by Homeland Security if you do.
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